Accidentally Viewed Someone’s Instagram Story

Key Takeaways

  • Your name appears on the viewer list 24 hours after viewing a story.
  • Turn on airplane mode before viewing to avoid being seen.
  • Block the person to remove your name from the list, then unblock them later.
  • Deactivate your account before 24 hours to remove your view.
  • These methods can be extreme; think about the consequences.


Instagram Stories vanish after a day, but they’re an excellent way to share quick snapshots of your life. When someone checks out your Story, their name pops up on a list that you can see. This list is handy because it shows who’s paying attention to what you post.

Just remember, when the Story disappears after 24 hours, the list of viewers goes away too. If you like to keep tabs on who’s watching your Stories, just know this info is only around for a short time. So, it’s vital to keep an eye on it while it’s still there.

How to Undo Accidentally Viewing Someone’s Instagram Story

Use airplane mode

Turning on airplane mode before you look at someone’s Instagram story means they won’t see that you watched it. This is handy if you accidentally click on a story and don’t want the person to know.

how to unwatch someone's story on instagram

You can safely view the story by switching your device to airplane mode, which will cut off all wireless connections, such as cell service and Wi-Fi.

Make sure to close Instagram entirely before you go back online. That way, Instagram won’t log your view when you reconnect. If your device isn’t connected to the internet, Instagram can’t track who viewed the story.

Block the person

how to unsee someone instagram story without blocking

If you accidentally view someone’s Instagram story and don’t want them to know, you can block them. This immediately removes your name from the list of viewers. Here’s what happens when you block someone:

  • Block User: Your view disappears from their story.
  • Prevents Mistakes: Stops it from happening again.
  • Social Impact: People might ask why you blocked them.
  • Unblock Option: You can unblock them, but they might notice.

Think about it before you do it. Blocking someone can affect your relationships on Instagram.

Deactivate your account

If you want to avoid someone seeing that you viewed their Instagram story, blocking them is a quick solution. However, deactivating your account is another effective option. It might sound extreme, but it ensures that your name vanishes from the viewer list if you’ve mistakenly seen a story.

To do this, go to your Instagram settings. Click on ‘Help,’ then ‘Managing Your Account,’ and finally ‘Delete Your Account.’ Here, you can choose to temporarily deactivate your account. Your profile and all related activities will be hidden from other users.

how to unwatch someone's story on instagram
how to unsee someone instagram story without blocking

You can reactivate your account after 24 hours. By then, the story and any record of you having seen it will be gone.


In conclusion, being careful when you look at Instagram Stories is essential to keep your online life private. You can avoid accidentally seeing someone’s story by using a few tricks. You might turn off your account for a bit of while, block the person who posted the story, or switch your phone to airplane mode. Each option has its own consequences, so pick the one that best fits your need for privacy.

Also, it’s wise to be careful about how and where you tap in the app to prevent unwanted views. By using these tips, you can feel more secure on Instagram and keep your online activity under your control.

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